Monday, March 3, 2014

#TheChoirGirl Readers!

Photo credit: Nanc P backstage at Edmonton Opera
I issued a reader challenge these past few weeks. I put out a call for all my readers to send me a pic indulging in their musical pursuits or to find me while on tour in Toronto. Here are the following pictures that people tagged with #thechoirgirl on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or pics people have taken with me. Enjoy!

Fellow Pro Coro chorister, Cat Kubash
My Edmonton Opera crew gets creative, Laura @heartysushi, Adam @musicdeviant, Natasha @fohn_seah_kah
Madrigal Singer alumni, Mary-Ellen @M_ERayner, and Becky reunited in Toronto
Fellow Madrigal Singers alumni, Justin
Pro Coro blog readers, Carole and Gillian @gbkursch
Edmonton Opera Chorus showing off their flexibility
Opera peep, @teiyakasahara post Pro Coro concert
baby Ingrid! from Con Fuocoian, Steph
(L-R) Dawn, Nadia, Me, and Leanne 4/5 of Con Fuoco
@CanMensChoir and @VicScholars #represent
Tom from Vancouver Chamber Choir

Science Undergrad friend, Ross and Children's Choir Travel Buddy, Nicole
More #TOchoir friends from @CantabileTO with @cherpod25 and @subversible front and centre.

Friends from the Vancouver Cantata Singers @CantataSingers, soprano Missy @mister_sissy, and composer Kristopher Fulton @kristophfulton
My blog photographer collaborator, Nanc @Mad_Me

Many of my lovely ladies from Belle Canto are avid readers
Marian @madolu (The Choir Project) at her "office" with iPad, scores, and coffee nearby

Michael van der Gaag out in Charlottetown, PEI is rocking a recital

Shumka friends, Mandy @mandy_macrae, Peter and Sandra

Backstage with the Captain, @HegedusStephen

Latvian composer, Uģis Prauliņš, whom I often rave about on this blog.
Opera crew including Christina, Krista, @kswkrokkk and Steph, @thekeyofsteph
The #EOChorus crew and Nanc Price outdid themselves!

And there you have it! A sample of #TheChoirGirl readers! If you still wish to be included, send me your pic at

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