Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Season

Greetings readers,

The coming of Spring always signals a busy time for a chorister because it is performance season. By April and May choirs have settled into their sound and repertoire for the season. Thus, it's time to take these newfound skills and compete. Perhaps, even win some scholarship money. Belle Canto is no different since we have already competed in the St. Albert Rotary Festival and have been recommended to compete in the Provincial music festival next weekend. However, there is still the Spring concert today. This is actually the first Spring concert I've sung with Belle Canto in at least five years because I usually travel in May.

I went to the dress rehearsal for the Spring concert yesterday morning and I was definitely groggy to say the least. One would think that after many Saturday morning rehearsals with Pro Coro I would be used to morning singing but, alas, that is not the case. I made my way through audience friendly choral lyrics:

Soft and low, song of the breeze
Whispers to hills below
Flowers and trees, listen delighted
Dance gentle willow, dance

A bit too sweet and cheesy for my taste but nice for an audience. I do like the Spring concert because it gives me a chance to hear the other singers in the Cantilon Choir program. I usually only get a taste at the Christmas concert (since I'm staring at everybody's back while sitting in the choir loft) but everybody is much more polished by the time Spring arrives. If you're in Edmonton and happen to be free, come on by!

When: Sunday May 1, 2011
Where: McDougall United Church · 10025-101 Street
Tickets available at the door: $15/$12 (students)

Until next time, take care!

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