Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farewell Festival

Farewell festival

In the formative years of our relationship...
We used to spend so much time preparing for our meetings
Rehearsing our lines
Steaming our uniforms
We were driven to win
We sought your approval and validation

Alas, over the last few years we've been growing farther apart
When did it begin?
I cannot remember exactly
In truth, we cannot remember what we were gaining from our relationship
We stared up at your adjudication vessels from our pews
Subtly checking the clock to see when we could leave
Enduring the awkward silence between songs where comments would be written
We've reached the point where...
 You just question our artistic choices
We are not inspired to be better musicians

We've had some lovely years together
And appreciate your recognition with consecutive national awards
But it's time we go our separate ways
There's another choir out there waiting for you
We wish you all the best