Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts from Eric Whitacre

Greetings readers!

I watched this extremely interesting video of Whitacre answering fan questions and his answer to how he approaches music composition particularly resonates with me. I love how he is inspired by text and how he internalizes it to the point where melodies and chords begin to emerge to match the text.

I like listening to him articulate his artistic process and his architectural approach to music. I think he describes the process of music composition in a very accessible way. One of the most frightening things about composition, or any artform really, is the amount of trust and hope you need to have in your ability. You are depending on the fact that you can synthesize something innovative and unique in the time that you are given. It's also interesting how he realistically details his love-hate relationship with deadlines. I'm glad we have something in common. Good thing there are deadlines or else things would never be finished. As he very eloquently quotes in the video: "The work of an artist is never finished, merely abandoned."

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