Monday, July 20, 2020

An Introduction to the decolonizing choir series

Dear Reader,

I am excited to share with you news about an upcoming decolonizing choir series hosted here on The Choir Girl Blog. 

This series is not a guidebook to becoming a decolonized choral professional. Rather, the blog will be a platform to share information and stimulate discussion. There will be a series of posts ranging in content from guest bloggers, interviews, and personal reflections. Reading, questioning, reflecting, writing, and decolonizing is an ongoing process. This series will reflect the same. My hope is to provide an uncensored platform for people in the choral sphere to speak. The stage is for them to use as they wish. 

Posts will be published on a flexible timeline. The first set of posts have been curated by me but I encourage you to submit your article ideas as well. I will approve writers and publish posts as long as there is interest and engagement. 


The Choir Girl

Feel free to being the process by following the social media accounts below:






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