Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Montreal Binge Eating

I fear this blog is venturing far away from the realm of choral music, oh well, I'm taking a break from school so the subject matter is taking a break from choral singing as well.

Today Leanne and I headed off to try lunch at The Sparrow. If I thought Reservoir was amazing yesterday, the Sparrow is equal if not better. I was assured everything on the menu was delicious and it was. The restaurant is run by a chef who worked under Gordon Ramsay in London and the Sparrow embraces "gastropub" food. Thus, uniting liquor and delicious eats to go along with it. I also heard they have a killer brunch... too bad I'm not here until the weekend! The restaurant design was also quaint and cute with a lovely sparrow patterned wallpaper on one side of the restaurant.

Afterward, Leanne and I ventured off to find Fairmont Bagels where she picked up many delicious hand-rolled bagels.

We walked down St. Denis and did some shopping and when we parted ways, where she headed off to rehearsal, I took a break from walking in the cold and went to go get some hot chocolate at Juliette et Chocolat. I remember last time I visited Juliette et Chocolat I had a bit too much chocolate and had an intense sugar buzz afterwards. This is because their hot chocolate isn't some watered-down powder mix. You're drinking actual melted chocolate mixed with cream. This time I didn't overdose and the experience was much more enjoyable. I just sat there, drinking liquid chocolate gold and eating a sundae topped with brownies, strawberries, bananas and chocolate fondue sauce while reading the online news from my cell phone. After this I did some more shopping in the area before meeting back up with Leanne after her Contemporary Music Ensemble rehearsal at McGill.

Leanne was famished so we went to find La Banquise for some delicious Montreal poutine. This restaurant is 24h and I have fond memories of its greasy and satisfying dishes. My friend and I searched for this restaurant by walking uphill on icy streets with killer windchill and I remember the sweet, warm, smell of victory when the aroma of freshly fried food was in the air. La Banquise was a greasy comfort-food haven for us and it has not changed. I opted for the Poutine Dan Dan this time where crispy fries were topped off with pepperoni, bacon, onions and cheese all smothered in gravy. Greasy heart-attack inducing food never tasted so good!

We headed back to her apartment and enjoyed viewing "Chickasaw" a musical DVD gifted to me by Donald Patriquin yesterday. I also topped off that viewing by introducing Leanne to GLEE and we watched the pilot together. How I love that show!

Just one more day in the city!


Anonymous said...

Daamn! Now I want cookies and sugar-coma-inducing hot chocolate and poutine! I haven't eaten the poutine at that shop, but I very much doubt they have it here, plus I haven't had any poutine as good as in Quebec.

misssable said...

Shruchi-You make it all sound so good when you group it all together like that :)