Friday, February 19, 2010

Fairwell Montreal

My last day in Montreal was definitely less action-packed but just as much fun. I met Leanne at the McGill Schulich School of Music around noon after her morning practising. We headed off to Simons yet again for some shopping but then ended over in the hip Plateau area on St. Laurent street for lunch.

At the advice of Jeremy, we went over to Cafe Santropol for their delicious sandwiches. In my mind I was expecting a bakery-like place that served sandwiches on the side but the exterior of this restaurant looked like an ordinary house. Indeed, inside the restaurant was a home-turned-restaurant and we grabbed a table in the sun-room at the back of the house. There was a cute patio outside which I can only imagine is very lovely in the summertime. The sandwiches were made on their signature Cafe Santropol bread and Leanne postulated that molasses was the secret ingredient to give the bread its rich color. There were so many delicious sandwich options but I ended up settling on one with smoked ham with apple and mint jelly. It was so refreshing and light! I can't wait to go back next time and try their other inventive sandwich options.

After lunch we did some vintage shopping on St. Laurent and one of the highlights was walking into a store where the sales girl looked like she walked out of the 50s era with her red lips, jet-black tied back into a chic roll, thick-framed glasses and vibrant cropped sweater. The store was full of hidden gems with showcases full of cat-rimmed glasses, shelves with evening clutches from the 1960s and hanging displays of vintage brass broaches. I appreciated the fact that this vintage store was extremely non-junky since it's no fun to go vintage shopping and you're sniffling because everything is dusty and old.

It started snowing and getting chilly near the end of our shopping trip so we headed back to Leanne's place to start on dinner for the evening. She made a delicious vegetarian casserole and baked vegan chocolate brownies for dessert. Again, we topped off the evening by viewing multiple episodes of GLEE as well as watching the Olympics men's hockey shootout between Canada and Sweden. Exciting times!

Now, I am back in Edmonton and getting myself organized for the Cantilon Broadway Gala I'll be performing at tomorrow. If you're in the Edmonton/St. Albert area, you should come check out the show!

Location: Arden Theatre St. Albert, AB
Time: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $30 Adult, $15 Student


Anonymous said...

Daamn! I'm missing Fiddler on the Roof, Mary Poppins AND Cinerella? Hope it goes well!

misssable said...

Ah Shruchi, I miss you!