Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Choir Girl on Tour: How to Pack

The departure date for Pro Coro looms and apart from preparing the music the next thing that is on my mind is what to pack. Every chorister has their own preferences, whether it is their favorite brand of lozenges or the frequency of tuning fork they chose to bring.

However, if you went digging through my baggage this is what you will find in my hand-carry:

Uniform - and all accompanying accessories. I have heard enough horror stories to know I never put my uniform in checked baggage. Good thing the jersey material of my uniform means it can just be rolled up into a bag. 
2 lbs of music - all in a black music folder.
iPhone - essential. The portable source of all my audio, pictures and documentation of tour experiences for blogging and social media. Make sure to follow @procorocanada and @misssable for tour updates.
iPad - as an e-reader and backup for paper music.
External battery charger - It's useless to have a smartphone if there is no battery.
Water Bottle - traveling is so dehydrating for everything, vocal folds, skin, mucous membranes...
Tuning fork(s) - I usually always have one in my bag since we use them constantly in Pro Coro rehearsal.
Food - we never know where our next meal is coming from while on tour. I will have a hearty stash of granola bars and fruit so I don't get hangry (hungry+ angry) on fellow choristers. 
Ear plugs - airplanes and busses are noisy places. Sometimes it is nice to tune out from the auditory stimulation and give ears a break.
Straws - A little prop I use in vocal warm-ups that are quiet and effective.

Other than the other previous essentials I have listed above, I will be a walking pharmacy since you never know what you might encounter while on the road:

Sugar-free lozenges - something to keep salivary glands happy.
An anti-inflammatory pain killer - since some brands can predispose voice users to vocal hemorrhage
Herbal Tea - as a warm wind-down beverage choice for the evening.
A non-drowsy decongestant - To help combat the unknown allergens lurking in churches and hotel rooms.

Just two more days...

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