Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sing with Rajaton Workshop: A Photo Story

What do you get when over 200 youth choristers get to sing with a cappella ensemble, Rajaton?

It results in an afternoon of amazing music-making and bonding.

The workshop was hosted by the Alberta Choral Federation as a part of Rajaton's Prairie Tour. The Edmonton portion of their trip  is captured in these series of photos:

It's busy backstage at the Winspear Centre on Monday afternoon

Boots, coats, and bags from over 200 choristers lined up backstage

"Butterfly," one of the workshop pieces the choristers got to sing with Rajaton

Rajaton greets the workshop crowd and sings Queen's, "Under Pressure"

The choristers line-up on stage to start rehearsal

Rajaton and the choristers prepare to sing, "We Walk in a Fog"
Rajaton and the choristers singing "Butterfly"

Tickets are ready for the evening!
There is something stunning about that many young voices singing together, united in their love of choral music. If I was 17 again, I would have been right there on stage with them. Alas, choral music is alive and well in Alberta and across Canada.

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