Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sing With Me! The Virtual Choir Project

Greetings readers!

If you haven't already heard the buzz around choral cyber space... Eric Whitacre has begun his second Virtual Choir project. I completely missed the boat the first time around and I definitely am not going to let it happen again this time!

His blog outlines the steps but allow me to provide a summary:
  • Pick a part (SATB) to his composition, Sleep
  • Sign-up with your e-mail address
  • Download the sheet music
  • Watch his handy dandy instructional Youtube video on how he wants it performed
  • Learn the music (it's pretty straightforward, lots of sustained vowels) but you can always listen to the song via the virtual music player on his website if you learn best by ear
  • Video & audio record yourself singing that part (wearing black) while watching Mr. Whitacre (with his Harlequin Romance good looks) conducting the track
  • Upload the video to Youtube
  • VoilĂ ! You're a part of the virtual choir!
Of course, Whitacre and his team (thanks Tony!) do go through the videos and they're trying to get at least 900 people to set a world record. Make sure to have your entry in before December 31, 2010. Set aside your insecurities about your voice, your age, your choral skill level and whatever else might be holding you back and just take this opportunity to be a part of something truly amazing and unique!

I just think this whole project is extremely exiting! It is a project to connect voices through social media! How often do we all get the chance to sing together? I would love to sing with all my blog readers and this virtual choir is the perfect opportunity for that to happen. They also have a cool google earth application that maps where all the singers have come from! Thus, I urge you to take the time to sign up and record yourself. We can be united in a virtual choir with 900+ other voices and create some beautiful music while doing it.

I'm hoping to get my entry up soon. I'm currently trying to locate/purchase a better microphone than the one built into my laptop.

To learn more check out this video!

I hope to be singing with you all in the near future!

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Karen Bylsma said...

I was looking at your blog for the "behind the scenes" and stumbled upon this. Cool concept. I'm excited for it. I used to do choral stuff and loved it. Then in my third year of university I was part of my university choir and loved it too. But since then other things have gotten in the way. I'm part of a Christmas choir this winter and this is the icing on the cake.

Thanks for sharing. :)