Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joyce's Snow

Hello again everybody,

Since last night was the debut of my electromusic pieces, I thought I would post them here for my readers as well.

My recital went well. It was a bit longer than I expected but the whole recital just felt like an evening with friends, sitting in a dark room, and listening to music. It was intimate and enjoyable.

There were some really neat pieces the 500-level electromusic students did. There was a duet between laptops where they controlled their laptops using their cellphones. I'm not sure the programming details behind what they were able to achieve but it was very neat. They also used Photoshop tablets to control the Disklavier. For those of you who don't know what that means, they pretty much had a piano that looked like it was playing itself but they were being controlled by the tablet they were drawing on.

People from my own class did some very neat things as well. Jacek played his music concrete pieces. There is one where he recorded the resonances from saw blades to create a textural fabric and on top of that sound were sharp clips of everyday sound fragments. Catherine scored ominous music for a short film and she also composed a piece using Nintendo sounds from a unit she ordered from Ebay. Very cool! I won't post their pieces on their Internet but if you ever want to hear them, just ask me, and I'll play a c.d. of their songs for you :)

The piece I have posted below is my first project from the class and is entitled Joyce's Snow. You can read about my progress on this piece in an
earlier entry. I recruited my friends to help and recorded them saying the IPA sounds, select words from the passage, as well as the entire last passage from Joyce's "The Dead." I tried to create something that reflected the gentle and illuminating nature of the text passage. That's all I will say now since I think it's better to say less rather than more so you can form your own thoughts about the piece. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Special thanks to the following people who contributed their voices:

Twila B.
Nick T.
Shruchi B.
Matt G.

P.S I will post my other project in a few days


Matthew said...

Good job Sable, I like it. I think you did accomplish a kind of slow snowy feel with the echoy integration of the voices. The beginning especially reminds me of the ambient artist Beautumn. Here's a short sample of his album, White Coffee:

There is a lot of music like this if you ever care to listen to it. Tetsu Inoue's album World Receiver is amazing and there is a whole lot of stuff on the 12k record label that is worth checking out. Also, the Infraction record label. I don't know if you truly want to get into this kind of music but, still, good job.

Shruch said...

Ooo! The concert sounds great! I'm sad I had to miss it, but maybe I'll have to have a listen when I'm in town next time!

Anonymous said...
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