Friday, April 10, 2009

Final Project Progress

I am currently in the process of trying to piece together something for my final Electromusic project. I felt like I really depleted a lot of my creative resources into my "Joyce's Snow" piece but the pressure is on to present something cool for my final project. Of course, in staying with my musical roots and using something that I know...I am working with choral sounds!

I started by taking all of my favorite choir pieces and manipulating clips from them. But I ran into trouble since when I started to pitch shift the voice quality started to change and that was not my intention at all! I manipulated one recording of Chamber Choir and now they sound like a choir of countertenors....not what I was going for!

Since I had no idea what the piece was going to be like I just started taking random sound fragments and putting them together in Protools. Right now my piece concept is kind of like a Choir Sing-off. There's this nomadic choir out in the countryside calling cows and embracing their folk root origins, meanwhile, in town there is a beautiful sacred church choirs singing texts with "Ave Maria". Then nomadic choristers make their way into town and start singing along with the sacred choir grunting and making other weird noises while the church choirs continue to sing. I initially thought I would have them blast choruses to each other but I had way more fun interweaving sound clips from each group so maybe they're just enjoying a random jam session together. Currently, the piece is pretty rough. I have a rough structure laid out but it will probably change. I am a bit afraid that it looks like I haven't done enough work to it or manipulated the sounds enough but I don't want to lose the quality of the voices. It's a tough balance. I did reverse a few of the sound tracks so that the voices are singing backwards and I have to say...Hungarian sounds pretty cool in reverse.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted on further updates. As well, if you want to attend my Electromusic Recital here are the details:

When: Tuesday, April 21 @ 8pm
Where: FAB Studio 2-7

As well, here is a soft synth I did during a break from my project:


Unknown said...

I like the soft synth. It's a lot more coherent than some of the more experimental sound stuff I have been hearing recently. Also, the cow calls will never die.
Good luck piecing together your final project!

Anonymous said...
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