Friday, December 9, 2016

It's Messiah Season

Greetings readers,

It's that wonderful time of year where there is a serious overload of holiday offerings and you're  debating which are tempting enough to lure you from the warmth of your home.

There is no shortage of Messiah offerings in Canada this season so I am calling it #MessiahNightinCanada on social media. This is a spin-off from #HockeyNightinCanada and #OperaNightinCanada I have seen used by Doug MacNaughton.

Pro Coro finishes up a consecutive week of rehearsal with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Da Camera singers under Maestro Ragnar Bohlin. It is always fun and challenging to approach a familiar piece with Bohlin's perspective. I found myself grappling with bad motor learning patterns from the past when taking on the "weighty coloratura" during "Great was the Company" movement. However, some other lines felt so much easier to sing like adding a slight pause for an short "h" during the opening line "For unto (h)us a child is born." The acoustic effect is one that creates space to hear a crisp word onset but it doesn't stop the airflow so it's easier to continue singing afterward! Genius! I have also been enjoying the rehearsal warm-ups by Bohlin to see the exercises he has picked up in Sweden or a voice coach in Vienna.

Whatever you choose to partake in during this Christmas season, whether it is your local Messiah offering or it's the Winter Concert at the local Elementary School - stay warm and enjoy it with good company. Hallelujah!

Other Messiah News:

Pro Coro's friends, the Vancouver Chamber Choir are opening at the Orpheum Theatre with the Pacifica Singers and Vancouver Chamber Orchestra tonight as well. Toronto's offerings by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (Dec 18-23) and Tafelmusik (Dec 14-17) as well as Victoria (Dec 16-18). I know I missed some so post the dates in the comments below or on social media with #MessiahNightinCanada

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