Sunday, March 1, 2015

Canadian Chamber Choir Tour Recap

Photo by: Michael van der Gagg courtesy of the Canadian Chamber Choir

The results following any period of intense and fleeting performance leaves one in a bit of a haze. I enjoy thinking of my fellow Canadian Chamber Choir choristers and what they are up to back in their local choral communities. It is staggering to reflect upon the amount of synchronicity that can be achieved in such a compressed time frame. In just a few days, I began to hear ensemble cohesion and get a glimpse of what the group sounded like from within the choir. The CCC sound is elegant, polished, and seamless; yet, there are such unique voices in the group creating that overall texture. Take a look at the social media and photo recap from the CCC tour adventures below.

A fun facts tally from the week:
More photos and a compilation of #TheChoirGirl blog readers I met while on tour:

Choristers from the Women and Men of the Tay were our billet hosts in Perth, Ontario. I got this awesome bagged lunch from Suzanne.

Photo by Mike van der Gaag courtesy of Canadian Chamber Choir. I'm checking in online during a break in rehearsal.

Frozen Rideau canal - ready for skating!
A fancy lunch at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

The Ewashko Singers warm-up in St. Joes Church before our Friday night concert.

A rare chance to meet fellow #TheChoirGirl blog readers and bloggers themselves: Mark Wilkinson who I met writing at Sound + Noise, and Amy Desrosiers from Blonde in the Choir.

Another #TheChoirGirl blog reader, Margo Keenan, who spotted me at the Montreal Choral Institute CCC Workshop

#TheChoirGirl Blog reader, Cathy, recognized me at the Ottawa Chamber Music concert while in Ottawa. I sang with her last year when Pro Coro Canada sang with the Ottawa Cantata Singers.

Johanna Crooymans, a loyal #TheChoirGirl blog reader from Montreal. Also, my new adopted Montreal mom.

CCC tour finale concert in Montreal and CCC founder, Iwan Edwards, was even in the audience. Photo by David E. Cronkite courtesy of the Montreal Choral Institute

Some gorgeous sunrise scenery flying into Toronto from Montreal. CCC was singing Kathleen Allan's In Paradisum and that tune came into my mind when I saw this outside my window.

A Toronto layover means a ramen adventure with opera singer and fellow ramen lover, Teiya Kasahara

A layover excursion into downtown Toronto before finishing off this unexpected last leg of the CCC tour

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