Monday, August 8, 2011

Folk Fest Update

My, oh my, Folk Festival is a wonderful time of year.

I went into this year's Folk Fest not knowing any of the artists. In a way, that's really the best because I went in without any expectations. Just an open mind. I always manage to find artists that I like. My two stand-outs of this Folk Festival: Jeremy Fisher and Del Barber. Both are singer/songwriters from Canada. Fisher hails from Quebec and Barber is from Manitoba. 

Fisher has this quirky and wholesome stage presence which compliments nicely with his sing-as-you-speak performance style. Wearing his skinny artist jeans, comfy v-neck t-shirt, and his curly afro, he serenaded the audience with tunes such as "Shine a Little Light" or "Cigarette" or a love song incorporating tetris and math. What's not to love? Listen to some of his tunes here.

Barber has a bit more a biting wit to him with a Canadian prairie boy wholesomeness. As he confessed, where he comes from, it's all about three things: hockey, fishing, and women. Rocking a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt and his black Ray-Bans at the festival, he sang songs about his disappointment over Archie choosing Veronica over Betty, a Junior Mint mishap on a blind date, and a breakfast date break-up in Chicago. Barber is a skilled storyteller and it felt like I was listening to an episode of Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe as he accompanied his stories with guitar back-up. You can listen to some of his songs here.

Other enjoyable artists I took in at the Folk Festival?

Deer Tick-an engaging rock-folk band from Rhode Island

Delhi 2 Dublin-an electric fusion of Indian and Irish music styles. They had the hill dancing on their feet in no time!

Other favorite Folk Fest moments?

Walking in the lantern parade with friends.

Watching the candlelight illuminate the Folk Fest hill.

Until next year's Folk Fest!

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