Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reality Check


So I am currently on vacation in Spain, but upon checking my e-mail, I received a bit of reality check when I received Pro Coro's newsletter:

I'm a core member next season! O.k., so in a way I knew this since they asked if I wanted to sing next season. But it just looks so... official. You would think that after a year of singing in this choir I would get used being affiliated with them but the surprise definitely has not worn off. It should be an exciting season since Pro Coro is currently looking for their new artistic director and they have three candidates in mind. Each one of them will be doing a concert with Pro Coro in the Fall before a final decision is made. You can check out the biographies of candidates, Magen Soloman, Mark Bailey, and Michael Zaugg on Pro Coro's website.

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