Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh, women.

I have been terrible at updating lately, but don't think that I have nothing brewing in my head, since I have a lot of future topics churning in my subconscious :)

A few weeks back my regular conductor, Heather, was off adjudicating a festival and we had a substitute conductor, the lovely Brendan, for 2 rehearsals. Many warm thanks to him since it definitely isn't easy for a conductor to come in and start rehearsing music they're unfamiliar with. The most entertaining thing, however, is the fact that within a women's choir, we forget how much female talk occurs during rehearsal. This was extremely apparent with a male conductor was in the room. The first instance came about when a chorister announced that she, too, would be unable to tour to Italy with the rest of the choir in July. The reason? Her baby was due that summer. Brendan looked slightly shocked in an amused way and simply remarked there were things extremely unique to a women's choir. The fate of sudden pregnancy being one of them.

This racks up Belle Canto's tally to two currently pregnant women, one new mom, oh yes, and me that aren't going on the tour.

In choir, whenever somebody has something they want to announce, in the back of our minds we wonder if it will be another pregnancy declaration. It doesn't help that we have a large track record of children who have gestated during our choral season. Good thing our old uniforms had some stretch to them. However, we have yet to find out how our new uniforms cover pregnant bellies. We will know soon enough. The ever-expanding child network associated to the choir now is quite remarkable. I mean all of this in the most jovial way since pregnancy (expected and unexpected) is kind of a running joke within the choir now.

Another extremely funny comment that came up in choir last week was when a low-singing alto lamented the fact that she had to sing a high G in one of the madrigals. Since madrigals are often pieces which depict the censored details of frolicking of young lovers in the springtime, we all cracked up laughing when she simply stated that orgasm or not, she can't hit a high G.


At any rate, I thought I would share those small tidbits with you so you can get a taste of the women's choir world. Another plus is that whenever you're sick on tour, you have numerous attentive motherly figures nursing you back to health. It's comforting to be surrounded by that many loving and hilarious souls!

Wish you were in a women's choir, don't you?


Until next time, take care!

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Unknown said...

It's the same in my lab full of women and in dance class - you get us all together in one room and we're instantly comfortable sharing highly inappropriate things. But that doesn't make me any less happy to be a woman!!!