Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hong Kong Choirs

Hello everybody,

I apologize for the lack of music posts but I am currently in Hong Kong soaking up the nice Spring weather, enjoying the open air markets, and eating food from side-street stalls.

However, I have not forgotten about choir or music in any respect and I am hoping to catch a performance by the Hong Kong Bach Choir on May 10th at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. I was searching for choirs I could see while in HK since I am interested to hear what HK choirs sound like. I was surprised to find a Welsh Choir and Hong Kong Women's Choir...not surprised so much in that they exist, but that they are largely Caucasian! It just surprised me that some of these choirs are so largely Caucasian when, in fact, they are the minority population in HK. I suppose we all find each other through choir. If I moved to a new city the first thing I would do is join a choir. It would be a quick way to make friends and singing with others would make me feel like I was becoming an integrated member of the community. A win-win situation!

I will try my best to make it out to the concert and report back here about what I hear. I'm really curious to hear what they sound like since they seem like one of the premier choral ensembles that Hong Kong has to offer.

Take care everyone!

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