Sunday, March 22, 2009

Musical Goosebumps

I'm sure that some or all of you have gotten goosebumps when listening to something musically satisfying. I've always wondered what it takes for me to have goosebumps when listening to music...but I haven't nailed it down. It's such an individualistic thing, but if I had to reevaluate what it takes for my sympathetic nervous system to stimulate piloerection, I think it's the thought that a piece of music connects with me on such an extremely internal level that my body has to physically signal to me that something extremely magical and satisfying is occurring for my mind to register it. Weird. I can go for months without experiencing musical goosebumps but I have had 3 manifestations of it this weekend:

First, while listening to Sospiri, a early music ensemble featuring my friends, on Friday at their recital when their pure frequencies aligned in grand chords. Secondly, when I was singing Pergolesi's Quando Corpus this morning at a church service with Belle Canto when I heard the warm piano introduction. Thirdly, when I was listening to Plain White Ts tonight perform "Hey There Delilah" using acoustic guitars and little synth tabs on their fingers to produce a gentle and acoustic setting.

I'm not sure if goose bumps are a signal of great music...there is so much individual taste involved when eliciting a goosebump response; however, it is gratifying to know that when you do hear something amazing, your body has its own way of bringing attention to it.

Readers, please share some of you musical goosebump moments in the comment section below!

Pergolesi's Quando Corpus from the Stabat Mater


Anonymous said...

That feeling is the motivating force in my life.

Too many songs to mention, but for starters:

btw this is david, matt's friend. I've been tuned-in to the blog ever since matt alerted me to your musique concrete piece. Your explorations of new music are very interesting to read about; I feel like I'm doing the same thing myself. I think maybe I should write more about music too.

misssable said...

Hey David, it's nice to match a face to a name! Also, you should totally write about your musical experiences as well. It kind of helps to write about it since it keeps you motivated because it seems like you should be giving people updates.

ManfredKZ said...

Hi, thank you for your contact in my blog! I am enjoying here the music. Have sung for many years in choirs, have sung Bach, Mozart, Buxtehude, Shein, Schuetz nd many others in big choir and in selected motets. I am a usic amateur - and photograpy as well :-) and play and sing Bossa Nova, pop etc. with my sister (who is moving to Canada in summer) I recorded a demo CD in Brazil. Here a sample, a Beatles covers:
Very nice Pergolesi music and voices!

Unknown said...

Nice, Sable!

I remembered hearing about a study at McGill about music and goosebumps - so I found this short article online:
You could maybe poke around to other websites to find more info, but I thought I'd pass this on in the meantime. :)

Anonymous said...
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